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Shipyard Tells Disney We Wish It Would Be Done On Time But It Won't Be

Delivery of Disney's new ship Wish pushed back six weeks.

Thomas Mazloum, president of Disney Cruise Line, advised their guests and travel providers that the new Disney Wish will not be ready as planned. "The shipyard has notified us that despite their very best efforts, they will need more time to finish our ship in part due to the pandemic and particularly the arrival of the Omicron variant in Germany at a critical point in the process."

In a video sent to passengers, Mazloum added, while it's true, we are shifting the timing a bit, our teams are making incredible strides. This ship is going to be everything, Absolutely everything we envisioned, a majestic new member of our family, complementing our other ships while bringing to life incredible new spaces, experiences, and entertainment."

He continued, "During my visits to the shipyard, I've been absolutely amazed by the innovation and ingenuity our teams are bringing to their work. The future is bright indeed. And you will see a whole new dimension of Disney magic when the Disney Wish launches.."

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