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Seabourn Wants You To Cruise Where It's Cold

Both new expedition ships heading Northwest to the Arctic in 2023.

Seabourn cruises has announced that both their new Expedition ships the Pursuit and the Venture will be traveling for first time ever to the cold and frigid Arctic.

Seabourn Venture will depart July 29, 2023, for a 26-day journey across the Northeast Passage from Tromsø, Norway to Nome, Alaska. Its sister ship, Seabourn Pursuit, which is scheduled to launch in March 2023, will offer a 21-day adventure to the infamous Northwest Passage departing August 27, 2023, from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Nome.

“Our Northeast Passage and Northwest Passage are truly epic itineraries that are perfect for travelers who want to explore regions less traveled, and take in the landscapes, nature and wildlife they never thought they would ever see,” said Josh Leibowitz, president of Seabourn. “Seabourn offers the most luxurious and most exclusive ocean and expedition experiences on Earth.”

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