• Tom Drake

Seabourn's CEO unsure if a vaccine rule is the correct choice.

Josh Leibowitz told that he is not ready got that rule.

The new boss at Seabourn Josh Liebowitz is not ready to say vaccines are necessary to cruise. In an interview with, he said “The public-health experts are genuinely in charge,” he says, adding that while vaccines offer a layer of protection, they’re not the only way forward. “We have to see whether there are populations who are already immune and may not need a vaccine immediately—maybe they already had the disease. Or maybe they have an allergic reaction to vaccines the same way they might have an allergy to sesame. Does that mean they can’t come on board? We’re not yet in the stage where we can say this has to be the rule.”

Liebowitz also told that he feels the cruise industry has been unfairly characterized, and why his company’s five small ships might actually be some of the safest places on Earth. He said his ships are still operating, for the majority, with crew only,” he says. And keeping those staff members safe has been a way to pressure-test Covid-19 protocols for almost a year: “We have masks, social distancing, UV lighting, advanced HVAC filtration, and some of the most rigorous testing in the world.” Companywide, he adds, there have been only “isolated cases” among those skeleton crews, all pinpointed through the “advanced testing processes” that have earned preliminary nods from the CDC.

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