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San Francisco Officials Tighten Entry Requirements for Cruise Ship Guests

Guests will required to have a booster or a negative Covid test upon arrival.

Adding another layer of bureaucratic interference to the cruise industry, health officials in San Francisco have decided to make entry requirements stricter for cruise ship guests.

Effective January 7, 2022, cruise ship guests arriving in the "City by the Needle Shooting Site" will need to prove they have received a booster shot or provide a negative Covid test.

In a statement, city health officials said, "Due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, the Department of Public Health is now requiring all vessels that disembark passengers at the Port of San Francisco to test all passengers that are not up-to-date on vaccination (meaning completing an initial vaccination series and being boosted when eligible) before coming ashore."

Officials made this change after the Ruby Princess arrived in San Francisco with 12 guests or crew who had tested positive. The statement also reported that "All individuals (who had tested positive) were either asymptomatic or experiencing mild symptoms. No passenger has required medical attention, and no hospitalization is needed."

One can assume that cruise lines will be bypassing this port for the time being since tests are in shorter supply than common sense at this time.

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