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Russian Sanctions Keep Havila Capella in Port in Bergen

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

The company delayed the departure due to insurance issues related to sanctions against the Russian firm financing the ship.

Havila Voyages, the Norwegian Coastal Cruise line caught in the middle of sanctions resulting from the war in Ukraine, announced that their ship Capella did not sail as scheduled from Bergen, Norway, on Tuesday. The reason given was problems with insurance coverage resulting from the sanctions placed against the Russian Leasing company that is financing that ship.

CEO Bent Martini said, "This is a very unfortunate situation for all our passengers who had been looking forward to sailing from Bergen on Tuesday night, and this is a situation that is outside our control. We have been clear on our position and are now working to refinance Havila Capella to break all ties with sanctioned and Russian-owned companies. This means, among other things, that payments on the current leasing agreement will be placed on a closed account in line with the sanctions regulations."

Martini added, "Havila Voyages is a Norwegian company, and we operate Havila Capella. The ship sails with the Norwegian flag and satisfies all requirements in the Norwegian Maritime Act. We, therefore, hope that this situation will be resolved soon and can sail again as planned."

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