• Tom Drake

Royal Caribbean Stiffs Bermuda

Cruise Line Cancels Bermuda Season with Vision of the Seas.

Citing a desire by their guests to cruise from U.S. waters, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has abandoned their plans to sail from Bermuda this summer. The company said in a statement "The decision has been made to cancel Vision of the Seas’ summer season from Bermuda. While we are no longer homeporting from the island nation, we still look forward to bringing our guests to Bermuda with several ships across the Royal Caribbean fleet as we have for many years," the company said. "As we get back to cruising, our close partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and the Bermuda Tourism Authority is still focused on working toward the common goal of getting the community back on its feet by helping revive local tourism. The likelihood of cruises setting sail from the U.S. this summer is greater each day, and with that, U.S. travelers are increasingly showing a preference for more direct access to ports of departure.

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