• Tom Drake

Royal Caribbean's Vicki Freed says they are talking to the CDC.

The Senior VP of Sales thinks thinks lots of conversation is good.

Vicki Freed, the senior vice president of sales and trade support and service for Royal Caribbean International, pushed back during a Travel Weekly podcast when it was suggested that the cruise industry needs to push the CD harder.

She said that Royal Caribbean International CEO Michael Bayley and Royal Caribbean Group CEO Richard Fain and other leaders talk with the agency every week, sometimes multiple times per week. "There's so much conversation going on," she said."We're sharing what we've learned with how we're going to start up in Israel, with crew and passengers all being vaccinated. They are keenly interested in that, and we are partnering with them. This is a relationship where working together is going to get us more."

During the same podcast Alex Sharpe of Signature Travel Network urged people to put the CDC's role in perspective. "They're not a business, they're a health organization," he said. "When you realize what their role is, you realize, they're going to do it when they feel it's safe."

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