• Tom Drake

Royal Caribbean facing a boycott over mandatory vaccines?

Newsweek is reporting that some on social media are upset.

Is Royal Caribbean facing a boycott over mandatory vaccines? According to Newsweek Online, some on Twitter feel a boycott is necessary. One Twitter user posted “ Royal Caribbean cruises is now requiring you to get an experimental vaccine to book a cruise with them. I will be boycotting the company instead. Who else is with me? #BoycottRC." The post received over 8,100 likes and over 2,300 retweets since it was first posted on Saturday.

Michael Bayley, president and CEO of Royal Caribbean International, said in a statement that the company is looking forward to returning to the Caribbean "gradually and safely. "The vaccines are clearly a game-changer for all of us, and with the number of vaccinations and their impact growing rapidly, we believe starting with cruises for vaccinated adult guests and crew is the right choice," Bayley said, noting that vaccine requirements and other safety measures are expected to evolve.

Royal Caribbean will sail departing from Nassau, the Bahamas, starting June 12. The seven-night cruises on Adventure of the Seas will be open to adult passengers and crew members fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and passengers under 18 with a negative coronavirus test.

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