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Royal Caribbean Boss Says COVID-19 Positivity Pates Are Below Below National Average

Michael Bayler reports 1%, "way below the national rate and our big homeport states."

In his Facebook posts, just before Christmas, Michalel Bayley President of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line said "With a typical sailing having anywhere from 95% to 98% fully vaccinated on-board population and all guests tested before boarding and all crew tested weekly with front-of-house staff now being tested every three days and everyone wearing masks the vast majority of the time, along with social distancing, sanitizing, etc., we now have a positivity rate way below the national rate and way below our big homeport states such as Florida, California, Texas, etc., and way below Broward and Miami-Dade in Florida, the two counties which are home to our biggest homeports of Miami and Port Everglades."

He noted 98%-plus of the cases on Royal Caribbean ships have been fully vaccinated people, and 99% are asymptomatic or with very mild symptoms and 'often surprised' they are positive.

'It really does seem as though the virus [for those who are vaccinated] has morphed [into] something more like a mild cold,' Bayley said, adding that his comments are not based on science 'but simply what we are seeing and hearing in this environment.'

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