• Tom Drake

Richard Fain Remains Upbeat About a July Restart.

Fain told analysts that “We believe we are now seeing a clear way forward to safe cruising in the near future.”

During a conference call yesterday with financial analysts, Royal Caribbean group CEO Richard Fain told the listeners that he was very encouraged by the letter that his company received late Wednesday from the CDC. "We have had a very constructive dialogue with the CDC and other government agencies over the past few weeks." Many elements of the CSO (Conditional Sail Order) were unrealistic. The letter was very encouraging with multiple corrections to the existing CSO, elements that were very challenging. Certainly, vaccinations were a major element of change."

Royal Caribbean cruise line president Michael Bailey added, "With what (CDC letter) we received last night, July looks very realistic for restarting cruises in North America. "As soon as we have port plans lined up, we can now apply to the CDC for permission to sail. The process has improved considerably."

Fain also reported that their operations in Asia have hosted over 100 and 25,000 guests, with 21 cases reported and those happened before vaccines were available. He said, "With cruise ships, we can control the environment, and we have already demonstrated that we can do that."

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