• Tom Drake

Richard Fain Tells the BBC That He Expects Fully Vaccinated Guests in the Future

Fain tells the network that guests want everyone vaccinated.

This past week, Royal Caribbean Group CEO Richard Fain told BBC news that he expects all guests to be vaccinated, that he is not worried about vaccine passport forgeries and that he feels his guests all want everyone vaccinated.

He said in an interview, "We've actually surveyed our guests and the vast bulk of the people that have booked our cruises have already been vaccinated, and they're volunteering it, they want it. And people want a place where they can go where they know they're safe." Fain also said he does not think there needs to be vaccine passports.

He told the BBC’s Aaron Heslehurst "I don't think we're talking about a vaccine passport. I think we are talking about people who are vaccinated, and there are lots of different ways to show that". Fain is also not worried about finding staff for his ships. He said, "They're really anxious to come back. Even those who have gone and found other jobs, say: 'Oh, I'm really happy, I can go back on board.' And so we are making those steps, we feel comfortable that we will be able to continue to crew them in the way we have in the past".

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