• Tom Drake

Rep. Young Introduces A Bill to Save Alaska.

Updated: Mar 2

The Alaska Congressman wants to put the PVSA on hold for this year.

Rep. Don Young, of Alaska has joined in the effort save the Alaska tourist season. He has introduced the the Alaska Tourism Recovery Act, asking for a temporary "workaround" of the Passenger Vessel Services Act.

Young's legislation would deem roundtrip voyages between Alaska and Washington state as foreign voyages for the purposes of U.S. law.

The provisions are temporary and would only apply during the closure of Canadian waters and ports." Young said in a statement, "The Covid-19 pandemic devastated Alaska's 2020 cruise season; we must not allow the same to happen to 2021's season, "Canada's decision to close its waters effectively cancels the 2021 cruise season and cripples the industry in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

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