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Queen Mary in Long Beach Will Undergo 5 Million in Repairs

Guests visits will be halted during much needed repairs.

Officials in the city of Long Beach have announced that the Queen Mary will be closed to tourists while the ship undergoes extensive repairs.

According to a statement from the city, "One of the most critical repairs identified in the engineering reports was the removal of deteriorated lifeboats. The lifeboats exert stress on the side shell of the ship, which has created severe cracks in the support system."

The city took back control of the legendary ocean liner last summer. Mayor Garcia said at that time, "For the first time in decades, Long Beach has full control of the Queen Mary. We will be fully engaged in the preservation of this historic landmark and are incredibly grateful for this opportunity." The company that held the lease to operate the ship, Eagle Hospitality Trust, filed for bankruptcy protection in January 2021 and agreed to surrender its lease agreement.

Repairs have already been done to electrical work to re-illuminate one of the ship's funnels, which are a distinctive nighttime focal point.

The Queen Mary made its maiden voyage in 1936 and arrived in Long Beach at the end of its final voyage in 1967.

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