• Tom Drake

Princess and Holland America Have Plan B for Alaska!

Both cruise lines will be offering land tours in the Last Frontier.

While Canada continues to prevent cruise ships from entering their waters, Princess and Holland America cruise lines have come up with a plan B for visiting Alaska.

They are now offering land tours throughout the Last Frontier. in other words, Alaska without the boat drill.

According to the Princess cruise line website, you will be able to experience the highlights of Alaska on a Princess lodges Denali rail tour. ride in Alaska railroad rail cars and gaze upon magnificent vistas of rivers, plains, and the majestic Alaska range. step out on the observation platform for fresh air or head to the dining car for an optional meal.

for the two cruise lines, said in a written statement. "we love Alaska, and we love that we get to share it with visitors from all over the world," "we’re committed to helping locals and visitors alike experience all the best parts of Alaska in a safe way."

The tours are being marketed primarily to Americans at this time, given travel bans in other countries, a spokesperson said. The companies would not prohibit anyone from booking if they are able to travel and abide by the regulations set forward by the State of Alaska.

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