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Port Canaveral CEO Still Believes Cruising Is Safe

“You’re safer probably on the cruise ship than you are in a grocery store.

Port Canaveral, CEO John Murray, who has been the number one cheerleader for the cruise industry, still believes that sailing on a cruise ship is one of the safest places to travel.

Murray recently explained his thoughts on the latest Level 4 travel warning from the CDC. He said, “The CDC announcement, the level four announcement — if you follow the CDC website to where those announcements are, it falls right in line with every other country in the world, basically. Ireland’s on the list. Germany’s on the list. They’re all level four, so cruising is just one more country, so to speak, that’s on the level four list — so it really doesn’t, in my view, mean that much”

Murray also spoke about the color coding list used to track cases on ships. There’s been a lot of media (attention) about the CDC color-coded list,” Murray said. “If you look at that list and actually understand what it means — one crew member on a ship triggers a shift from green to yellow (status) — one crew member having a COVID diagnosis. It’s .01% of the passenger community (with a COVID diagnosis) will trigger the investigation. So if you’ve got 5,000 people on the ship, that’s five cases, bam — now the whole system under investigation. So you know all of the hype about Navy ships being investigated? They’ve all got a case or two onboard — or maybe more, maybe less — but they’re under that threshold, and the threshold is so low it doesn’t take much to exceed it.”

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