• Tom Drake

Port Canaveral CEO Murray Wants to Know "What is the Difference"

After watching the hearing on Florida's suit against the CDC, Port Canaveral's CEO made a very good point.

“I can get in an Uber, go to the airport, change planes in Atlanta, fly to Las Vegas, go to a casino, play the tables every day, eat in the restaurants every day, never leave the hotel, get back on a plane, take another flight to Atlanta, get home, take another Uber, what’s the difference in that and going on a cruise ship, except that cruise ship’s a contained bubble. Everybody’s been tested before getting on,” said John Murray, CEO of Port Canaveral.

Murray said the people of Port Canaveral need to get back to work. He says Port Canaveral has lost $83 million of revenue just during the first 12 months of the pandemic. He argues that cruises can safely set sail and that the CDC’s orders are inconsistent.

The orders that Murray was referring to are contained in the Conditional Sail Order that the CDC now contends will now allow cruising to restart. The cruise industry feels that they have been singled out by the CDC and they are being treated unfairly and that many rules are no longer needed since vaccines are readily available.

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