• Tom Drake

P&O joins the Covid-19 vaccine required list.

Jabs will be mandatory for Brits sailing this summer.

You can now add P&O Cruises to the growing list of major cruise lines requiring proof of Covid-19 vaccination before boarding. In addition, according to the BBC, guests will also have to have travel insurance that "must include medical and repatriation cover" and medical expenses related to Covid-19. P&O also announced that their short summer cruise to be called a staycations will actually be cruises to nowhere with actual itinerary decided on by the Captain based on current weather and sea conditions.

P&O President Paul Ludlow said in a statement, “After the stresses and challenges of the past year everyone certainly deserves a treat and this series of cruises will provide memorable and much-needed UK getaways,". "Whilst there is still uncertainty about holidays abroad this summer, we are delighted to be able to offer our guests the ultimate escape here in the UK with the reassurance that we will take care of everything."

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