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Orlando based design firm wins the contract to re-design the San Juan waterfront.

Cruise ship passengers will be able to enjoy a purely Puerto Rican experience in one spot, that includes culture, food and entertainment.

Seatrade news reports that the Orlando-based experience design firm IDEAS has been chosen to create a "destination experience" at the downtown Port of San Juan.

The new destination will be called Bahía Urbana, and it is being created through an agreement with the Convention District Authority and financed with a private investment of $118 million.

According to local officials, Las Brisas Property Management and Texas-based Caprock Partners have partnered to create the large-scale project. Further, they have signed a 20-year lease with the Convention District Authority to redesign, rebuild and manage the space.

Bahía Urbana will have an amphitheater, an urban forest, floating beaches, a market, and a restaurant area at the entrance to Old San Juan at Piers 6, 7, and 8.

The urban forest will consist of ​​1,000 square feet of space in which visitors will be able to appreciate native plant species and listen to the characteristic sounds of the forested areas and mountains of Puerto Rico.

The set of floating islands located in the bay area will have spaces and facilities for activities such as volleyball and beach tennis, direct access to the bay for water sports such as paddle boarding, and spaces to refresh after exercising.

IDEAS will work with local consultants to create attractions that authentically animate San Juan’s story.


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