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Officials in Venice says "Not A Now" for Entry Fee to City.

The proposed $10.00 per person entry free for non-hotel vacationers has been postponed until 2023.

Officials in Venice have changed their mind about implementing a $10.00 per person entry fee for any visitor not staying at least one night in a hotel in the City. The plan was to begin collecting the user fee this month but now the decision has been made to wait until next year.

One of the reasons for the postponement is to allow time to decide the best way to collect the fee. Another is to allow time to install the system and learn how to operate the system.

A spokesman for the Mayor said, "For these reasons, we have decided to experiment more extensively in the coming months on a voluntary reservation system that will allow us to test the system in the City. We will then proceed to put the entire system into operation in the early months of next year, which will also envisage the payment of an access fee ranging from 3 to 10 euros, aimed exclusively to visitors deciding to come to Venice for the day."

The Mayor of Venice recently posted on Twitter that the fee was the right move "for a more balanced management of tourism.

According to Travel Weekly, the plan is to have day tourists make a reservation to enter Venice via an app. The Venice town council said the booking app and online payment system will begin operating in January 2023. BUT "NOT A NOW"...



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