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Norwegian Cruise Line Adding More Capacity to the Next Four New Ships!

The next four Prima class ships will each carry 3,550 guests and NCL Holdings ready to increase fleet capacity by 50%.

NCL Holdings Boss Frank Del Rio remains convinced that the cruise industry will continue to grow, and he intends to have the ships ready to enjoy that growth.

Norwegian Cruise Line recently announced that the next four Prima Class ships would have increased capacity. The Norwegian Prima that will be delivered this summer will carry 3215 guests; however, the Norwegian Viva that will be delivered in 2023 will now carry 3,550 guests. In addition, Norwegian Cruise Line expects to take delivery of four more Prima class ships. They will deliver one a year in 2024,2025,2026 and 2027.

NCL Holdings, the parent company of Norwegian, Oceania, and Regent Seven Sea cruise lines has announced that they expect to increase capacity on all ships by 50%.

CFO Mark Kempa told investors during their quarterly earnings call that "Looking ahead, we are gearing up to deliver on our attractive newbuild program. This transformational growth is an under-appreciated cornerstone of our company's investment thesis. "Compared to 2019, the addition to our fleet of nine new ships through 2027 results in a 50 percent capacity growth versus 2019. "This also reflects the additions of Norwegian Encore in late 2019 and Regent Seven Seas Splendor in early 2020. These new ships are expected to be top-line and margin accretive with very efficient financing structures, resulting in an expected immediate boost to our profitability."

NCL Holdings CEO Frank Del Rio added, "We have the most growth coming online percentage-wise. New vessels, especially the new generation of the Norwegian vessels, the new generation of the Oceania vessels, and the last of the Regent vessels, they're all incredibly productive in terms of being able to raise prices."


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