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New Rules From Transport Canada Prevent the Unvaccinated from Cruising

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

All passengers will require proof of vaccination to set sail, visit or disembark at a Canadian port of call.

One result from the latest requirements issued by Transport Canada for the cruise industry could be guests waving at Canadian ports as they sail past the port on their way up to Alaska.

Included among the unclear regulations is the requirement that all guests and crew who enter Canada from a ship be fully vaccinated. At this time, several major lines operate with 95% of the crew and guests vaccinated. There is also an issue with unvaccinated children.

As part of the new rules, cruise lines will need to have a plan to explain the risks of cruising to any guests that might have been living in a cave the past two years and have not heard the endless CDC warnings.

Transport Canada wrote, “The Plan should include procedures to provide information to passengers and crew about the symptoms of COVID-19 and its associated health risks including who is at most risk of more severe disease, outcomes from COVID-19, and the risks of traveling aboard a cruise ship.”

Guests will also be required to spend an hour or two registering with the Canadian website for permission to enter Canada. “The Plan should include procedures for the Company to inform passengers of the Government of Canada’s current requirements for entry into Canada, including the requirement to use the ArriveCAN mobile app or website to submit mandatory travel information before and after entry into Canada.”

One person who was not impressed with the new list of rules was Congressman Don Young, who was instrumental last year in having Congress issue a waiver to the Passenger Services act to allow ships to skip Canada in 2021. Young said he is ready to have that waiver extended so that Canada is not necessary again this year.

He said, “We find ourselves here again. “Despite vastly declining COVID-19 cases, a higher vaccination rate than any other mode of transportation, and proven viral mitigation measures, Canada cannot guarantee that they will not take actions that may disrupt a complete and robust 2022 Alaskan Cruise season. While the cruise industry and Canadian authorities continue conversations, and progress has been made, formal legislation is a necessary insurance policy to protect Alaskan livelihoods.”

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