• Tom Drake

New CDC Rules Days Away!

Royal Caribbean CEO thinks they will have new guidance very soon. 250,000 volunteers signed up for voluntary cruises.

Royal Caribbean CEO Michael Bayley told financial analysts during a fourth quarter financial results conference call that he feels they will have good news soon.

Michael said We've been in regular communication with the CDC both at the -- with the maritime unit and at the executive level. And we're literally expecting the technical specifications any day soon. So, they -- it's an inter-governmental process between several agencies within the government that are reviewing the technical specifications.

But they've assured us that as soon as -- as soon as all of these things come together, they want to get us back into operation. So, we're just literally waiting. I think -- I think, again, to -- to our previous comments, I think our level of optimism is increasing as we see the infection rate declining so dramatically in the U.S. and the number of vaccines increasing. And -- and so, we're waiting and, you know, hopefully, we'll get them soon and we can -- we can start our trial sailing. I think you may know that when we asked for volunteers for our trial sailings, we received over 250,000 volunteers. So, there's plenty of people interested in cruising.

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