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NCL's New Prima Dining Room Menu Will Be Like Bill Murray's Ground Hog Day!

Prima's main dining room will have a fixed menu daily. New daily menu crapped.

NCL President Harry Sommer, when speaking in an interview about continuing the concept of a new menu with different dishes each night in the Norwegian Prima's main dining said. "We sort of sat around a table six months ago and said, 'Why do we still do that?" The result of that discussion was that their new ship's main dining room would no longer offer a new menu each night.

Sommer added, "Let's face it, if you have a 14-day rotating menu, there aren't 14 good ways to make beef and chicken," he said. "So if you happen to be in the restaurant on the 13th-best day for beef and chicken, you're not getting as good a dish as you could otherwise."

According to the "Points Guy" who attended the preview event for the Prima in Italy, Sommer also said that the culinary team at Norwegian was still locking down the final menu for Hudson's. The menu already has changed "16 or 17 times," he quipped, noting that the head of Norwegian's parent company, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings CEO Frank Del Rio, also has gotten involved in the process.

During the interview, Sommer also explained that one of the reasons for a fixed menu at Hudson's, which will be the name of the dining area, is the reality that dining habits have changed over the years.

According to the "points guy," Sommer suggested the main dining room concept with a menu that changes every night was a throwback to the days when passengers ate almost all their meals in a single shipboard restaurant, and the idea was to offer cruisers something different to eat every night. Times have changed, and now most passengers alternate from night to night between the many specialty restaurants available on ships, and some Norwegian ships can have as many as 18 different dining venues.

Hudson's, the main dining room will be located aft on the Norwegian Prima, with 270-degree views.

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