• Tom Drake

NCL's Harry Sommer Still Hopeful for a Late Summer Alaska Restart

He feels that CDC needs to explain the rules better.

NCL Cruise Line president Harry summer is still optimistic about cruising in Alaska this summer. He recently told Cruise Critic “that if a federal judge in Tampa issues an injunction against the CDC's Conditional Sailing Order at a hearing today, the cruise line would push for a restart in Alaska in August.

If Alaska can't happen, due to Canada's current ban on cruise ships and ongoing negotiations, Norwegian "would happily restart in other places in this country as well.

Our big push now with the CDC is when can we understand the rest of the rules for Phase 3 so we can have a definitive date when we can restart in the U.S. If we got the Phase 3 rules this week and they were workable, we would be happy to restart in Alaska in August."

Sommer told Cruise Critic, "I think the CDC needs to clearly hear that Phase 3 comes out really soon, certainly before the end of May but even sooner that that if possible -- or there's no Alaska for this upcoming season."

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