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NCL's Del Rio Confident That All Ships Will Be In Service Late Spring

NCL big boss told webinar watchers that they have spared no expense to do it right.

During a webinar held Thursday, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings CEO Frank Del Rio told participants that his company has always been focused on safety.

Del Rio said, "We have made every effort (and) spared no expense to have the most stringent protocols in the hospitality and leisure space. We will simply will not take risks with the well-being of our crew and our guests for the sake of profit." Del Rio also spoke about Omicron and the significant increase in cases on ships.

He said, "With the rapid spread of Omicron across the globe, our industry has gotten a lot of press. Most of it is negative press. And all of it has been biased to some degree … taking advantage of the fact that our industry offers robust testing, that we track cases, and that we diligently report them to the CDC and other public health administrations."

And Del Rio was not done. He also said when speaking about all the industry's reporting to the CDC. "The media and even some politicians turn to this hard data that we provide, and they take this news and sensationalize it for a cheap headline. We are the only industry they can pick on because of our honesty," he continued, adding that the industry had survived two years of "this monster" and told travel advisors it was not time to quit.

Del Rio added, that he still plans to have the company’s full fleet operating by late spring.

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