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NCL Health Sail Co-Chair Thinks Omicron Will Start to Peak

Dr. Scott Gottlieb told webinar participants that the latest variant should be peaking.

In speaking with webinar participants of media and travel agents on Thursday, the former FDA commissioner said he thought the Omicron wave was peaking in parts of the U.S. “It’s peaking right now. If you look at the epidemiology on the East Coast, certainly, you’re seeing cases come down week over week.”

He continued, “The way down for this wave looks a lot like the way up. We’ve seen this before. And so it took us three weeks to get to the peak. It’s going to take us three weeks to get all the way down.” Gottlieb also said, “I think once you get a week from now, maybe two weeks out from now, people are gonna be looking at those charts and seeing infection rates come down,” he said.

He continued that, combined with new treatments, should paint a positive picture of the future. In speaking about conditions on ships, he said the cruise industry has the ability to tightly control the environment and noted that Norwegian had invested heavily in onboard therapeutics and testing.

“The cruising environment lends itself to being able to introduce those measures.”

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