• Tom Drake

NCL Chief Sales Officer says they are ready to sail safely

Katina Athanasiou, chief sales officer said that when and where to cruise was an easy decision.

In an interview with Cruise Industry News, Norwegian Cruise Line Chief Sales Officer said the cruise line is prepared to cruise, “We’re ready. Simply,” answered Athanasiou. “We have said from minute one that we would not come back until we are ready to deliver what we believe is not only the healthiest and safest, but also the best experiential vacation either at sea or on land. For us, we are not willing to compromise health and safety or experience.”

Athanasiou added that guests wishing to go ashore will have to purchase a NCL excursion for at least the first two months. “We’re not comprising on the overall vacation experience … the race track will still be open and what we are known for and what customers love they are still going to get on Norwegian.”

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