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MSC Exploras Journeys Partners with Travelife

The luxury start-up seeks to “create a strong awareness among its partners for effective sustainability planning, maximizing social and economic benefits for local communities."

According to a press release, Explora Journeys, the luxury cruise line of the MSC Group, has announced a partnership with Travelife for tour operators. Travelife is a training, management, and certification program for sustainability in tourism.

Chief Executive Officer of Explora Journeys, Michael Ungerer, said in a statement, "Working toward more sustainable travel experiences for our guests is an important part of our vision to become a truly defining and desired luxury lifestyle travel brand. Our deep respect for the ocean is the principal component of our journey. Our destination experiences are being designed to leave a positive impression and footprint out of deep respect for local communities. We are committed in this regard to working towards building and maintaining a mutual understanding and firm commitment to sustainable tourism, and so I am delighted, therefore, to partner with Travelife, who can help us, our tour operators, and travel advisor colleagues to achieve our ambition."

Naut Kusters, the general manager of Travelife, added, "Travelife's sustainability management system naturally complements Explora Journeys' commitment to creating sustainable destination experiences. DMCs, tour operators, travel advisors, and ports are integral to support any sustainable implementation, and they will be encouraged with education and incentives. We applaud Explora Journeys for its efforts to promote holistic sustainability."

According to the press release, the target covers both Explora Journeys and MSC Cruises and goes “beyond” the International Maritime Organisation’s ambition to reduce emissions from shipping by 50 percent by 2050 compared to 2008.

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