• Tom Drake

Power to the Port!!

Miami-Dade County, Florida Power & Light and six major cruise lines agree to add some juice to the Port of Miami.

Miami-Dade County, Florida Power and Light and six of the country’s largest cruise lines have reached an agreement to install some very large electric plugs at the Port of Miami.

According to a press release from Miami-Dade county, Royal Caribbean, Disney, Virgin, Norwegian, MSC and Carnival Cruise lines have all agreed to work together to help bring shore power to the port so that their ships can shut down their engines while in port.

"This may represent a significant financial investment by all involved," cruise executives, Ms. Levine Cava and Florida Power & Light's chief executive said in a statement. “This is a major win for our Port, the environment, the entire region, and the state of Florida, and I’m incredibly proud to deliver on my commitment to bring shore power to our community with this initiative.

The goal is to make Port of Miami the first seaport in the State of Florida and the southeastern United States to provide shore power hookup – not just the cruise capital of the world but a leader in sustainability,” said Mayor Levine Cava.

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