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Miami Judge Slams Four Major Cruise Lines

The Judge said, Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and MSC Cruises all “prohibited tourism” and “trafficking activities."

Multiple media sources report that U.S. District Court Judge Beth Bloom has ruled that Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, and MSC Cruises engaged in "prohibited tourism" and "trafficking activities."

According to Judge Bloom, all four companies illegally profited by carrying passengers to Cuba and using the Havana port facilities confiscated by the Fidel Castro-led government. The Judge also said, "By using the Terminal and one of its peers in various ways, Carnival, MSC SA, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian committed trafficking acts."

Cruise travelers went on excursions to nightclubs, landmarks, rivers, and beaches when they began traveling to Cuba in 2016. Before then-President Donald Trump announced restrictions in June 2019, prompting cruise lines to drop Cuba stops and reroute ships on the go.

According to court records obtained by the Herald, the companies earned at least $1.1 billion in revenue and paid $138 million to Cuban government entities.

The suit against the four cruise lines was filed on behalf of a company called Havana Docks, and the company is seeking about $9.2 million. The company's president, Mickael Behn, is the grandson of William C. Behn, an American who owned three docks that were confiscated in 1960.

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