• Tom Drake

Mediation Between Florida and the CDC Fails

The case will now go back to Judge Merryday.

A statement from the Florida's Governor's office made it very clear that the state feels the CDC should get out of the way.

"Unfortunately, the CDC has opted to continue its ridiculous and unlawful regulations that target a single industry by imposing vaccine requirements — something no other business or industry must do," the Office of Governor Ron DeSantis said in a statement. "The CDC did almost nothing to re-open sailing until Florida filed suit. As Florida’s cruise lines address the CDC’s constantly changing labyrinth of requirements for safety plans and simulations, time is

of the essence." DeSantis' Office also added, "While it is a positive sign to see the CDC begin to green light "conditional cruises" following Florida’s lawsuit, there is still no set date upon which cruises can resume business operations. The CDC has no excuse for ruining two summers of sailing and it is well past time to end the CDC's desperate attempt to prolong its power trip over America."

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