• Tom Drake

Will Mandatory Vaccines Be A Must to Cruise?

Some lines are now requiring vaccinations, the rest are still


As Cruise Lines await the latest guidelines from the CDC, many are deciding whether requiring all guests to be vaccinated is the right path and whether it would be legal.

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings CEO said recently “It’s too early to tell whether we have the legal standing to mandate that you take a vaccine to come onboard — lawyers are looking at it as we speak. But there is talk beginning to emerge from different corners of the travel industry, the airlines as well, of requiring some kind of immunity passport demonstrating that you’ve had the virus or been vaccinated so that you are good to go.”

Richard Fain CEO of the Royal Caribbean Group feels that they should rely on their Healthy Panel to decide.

Carnival CEO Arnold Donald said mentioned it is too early for any decisions to be made, citing that distribution has not ramped up to full speed yet.

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