• Tom Drake

Legislation to Save the Alaska Season Passes House and Senate

Bill awaiting President Biden's signature to allow foreign flagged ships to skip Canada.

The U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill Thursday that temporarily waives the requirement that foreign-flagged ships sailing from U.S. waters must visit a foreign port before returning to U.S. waters. This waiver will allow the cruise lines sailing in Alaska to skip a visit to Canada which would be impossible because Canada has banned cruise ships until 2022. The Bill will now go to President Biden for his signature. Depending on how long it will take to get their ships ready, this Bill will save part of the Alaska tourist season.

Representative Don Young of Alaska who sponsored the legislation in the House said in a statement, “Today’s passage of the Alaska Tourism Restoration Act brings urgently needed good news to our mom and pop small businesses. This bill solves one-half of the puzzle for the resumption of the 2021 Alaska cruise season, and now it is the CDC’s turn to act decisively and promulgate the guidance the industry needs to set sail for Alaska.”

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