• Tom Drake

Juneau, Alaska tells NCL to Keep Their Money!

City council voted to refuse 2 million dollars in aid.

At Monday nights meeting , The City and Borough of Juneau Assembly decided to refuse the $2 million donation from Norwegian Cruise Lines given as part of a 10 million dollar series of grants to Alaskan cities effected by the loss of their tourist season.

Assembly member Loren Jones said it was bad timing by a corporate entity, and he thought that if the cruise line talked to the people in Alaska, they might have learned not to make this move through municipal government. Jones stressed that "A corporate entity that is trying to court public opinion in Juneau, offering $2 million to the city government and forcing us to make a decision about where and in the community that would go, given the multitude of needs, I think is just asking too much, it is putting us in a very bad position."

Assemblymember Wade Bryson disagreed and said it would be foolish and fiscally irresponsible to reject the money that is at the assembly's decision on how to help the community, and that NCL made it clear that the intention was to help Juneau at a time it needed help.

Ultimately, the offer for $2 million from Norwegian Cruise Lines to the City and Borough of Juneau was turned down in a 6-3 vote.

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