• Tom Drake

It Would Be Smart to Have a Smartphone to Sail Carnival

Carnival's Covid-19 era lifeboat drill will require a smart phone.

In a video posted on Facebook Carnival’s Brand Ambassador and Senior Cruise Director, John Heald, announced a new procedure for boat drill. “There will be no more large-gathering safety briefings,” Heald said.

“Those cruising in the next few months need to download

the app called the Hub App. It’s available (for iPhones and Android phones), and it’s free.” The app will contain information such as the name and location of the guest’s muster station. “Look at the app or your boarding pass in the first hour or an hour and a half of being onboard. Follow the signs on the ship and go to your muster station – the app will tell you how to get there. If you're able, use the stairs – because, remember that in a real emergency, the elevators wouldn't be working,” Heald said. “This is the place you need to get to in a real emergency.” “There will be crew members to help guide you, and there will be team members at every muster station. Once you get to your muster station, find a Carnival team member and check in with them. You don't have to do anything else – the team will take care of you once you get to your muster station,” he added.

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