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Hong Kong Authorities Lose It and Order Royal Caribbean Ship Back to Port

After 38 confirmed cases, the city is completely shut down as they search for one person.

Reuters is reporting that as part of Hong Kong's Covid lockdown, actually stranglehold, authorities have ordered Royal Caribbean's Spectrum of the Sea to return to port. Authorities ordered the return after new Covid cases were discovered on board the vessel.

The "Spectrum of the Seas" ship had about 2,500 passengers and 1,200 staff on board. The nine close contact passengers were isolated from the rest of the people on board, and preliminary tests taken during the journey returned negative results.

"Spectrum of the Seas is taking appropriate measures under the Department of Health guidelines," Royal Caribbean told Reuters in a statement. In October, the ship, which was prevented from departing on a similar journey due to coronavirus fears, returned to the terminal early on Wednesday.

The government said that the nine close contacts will be sent to a quarantine centre, while the rest of the passengers and staff will have to undergo several compulsory tests in coming days.

Let's be honest, they are just a little over the top in what was once one of world's great cities.

Read this statement from the mainland China puppets now running Hong Kong.

"The most stringent anti-epidemic measures will be implemented to prevent the mutant strains from spreading in the local community," the government said in a statement.

The latest hunt was sparked by a patient who danced with some 20 friends in a central park on New Year's Eve. Two of the fellow dancers, one of whom was a domestic helper, came up positive in preliminary tests.

The helper's employer and eight other of her close contacts then went on a "cruise to nowhere" journey on Jan 2, which was due to return on Jan 6.

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