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Holland America Cancels Cruise for Business Reasons

The January 29 sailing of the Nieuw Amsterdam is a no-go because of charter issues.

Guests scheduled to sail on HAL's Nieuw Amsterdam will have to find another ride. The company announced that they were canceling the cruise for "business reasons."

HAL President Gus Antorcha bluntly told them why HAL canceled their cruise in a letter to booked guests. He wrote, "Our charter partners moved two back-to-back charter cruises to later dates, and given the operational implications of that change, we have made the difficult decision to cancel your sailing. Please accept our most sincere apologies. We know you have been looking forward to this cruise."

Translation on this would be that there were not enough guests to sail.

The Nieuw Amsterdam will sail one voyage on January 23 and return to service on February 12 for a full charter cruise. Then on February 19, the vessel will be sailing on regular cruises once again. One would hope.

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