• Tom Drake

Greece is anxious to open their borders before May.

Greece's tourism Minister Harry Theoharis thinks it could happen.

Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis on Sunday said Greece is keen on welcoming tourists ahead of the country’s scheduled opening in May.

“If all goes well on the Covid-19 front, if there is the slightest opportunity, Greece will be able to receive tourists even earlier,” he said in an interview to the Athens News Agency (ANA).

The Greek tourism minister told ANA that the Tourism Ministry at the moment is in discussions to gradually open to the markets of EU Member States, the United States, the United Kingdom, Serbia and the United Arab Emirates.

It is noted that Greece recently lifted quarantine restrictions for passengers from Israel that enter the country holding a vaccination certificate. “In general, the international interest for the opening of Greek tourism is very big… Nevertheless, we are proceeding with the utmost care, step by step,” he said.

The Minister also said that a Digital Green Certificate being developed by the EU would be nice but not the only tool they have to monitor things. “The certificate is an important addition to welcome visitors but it is not the only ‘tool’ at our disposal in view of this year’s opening.

We mainly rely on the progress of vaccinations, abroad and in Greece. In our country vaccinations are evolving rapidly, we have already achieved better performance than many other countries,” he said.

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