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Getting One With Nature Before High Tea Latest Cruise Offering

Regent Sevens Seas offers 150 shore excursions that will immerse you in the environment.

In today's competitive luxury cruise market, delivering fine food and service on an elegant ship is no longer enough. Guests today are judging cruising by enrichment programs and shore excursions. Oceania cruise Riviera and Marina offer art classes with successful artists and coking classes in their state-of-the-art culinary arts center.

Sister company and luxury line Regent Seven Seas has announced a new shore excursion program called Eco-Connect. Guests will now be able to discover and experience how local communities and groups are endeavoring to conserve, sustain and improve the environments they live in.

According to the Regent website, guests can discover the valuable and beautiful flora and fauna of Costa Rica, Vietnam, and Australia. They can sample the products of sustainable farming practices in regions like France, New Zealand, and Argentina or absorb the inspiring innovations in energy production at Portugal, Iceland, and Japan facilities.

Regent Seven Seas will be offering more than 150 unique Eco-Connect Tours.

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