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Former Silversea Owner Ready to Acquire Crystal

An Italian White Knight? Manfredi Lefebvre confirms to Seatrade that his Heritage Group has made a Bona Fide offer.

Seatrade Cruise New reports that the Heritage Group has made a second fully-funded offer to acquire Crystal Cruises. According to the report, the Group made the first offer in the first quarter of 2021 and the second offer recently.

Manfredo Lefebre, Chairman of The Heritage Group who retained partial ownership of Silversea after merging with Royal Caribbean, said about the offer, "We are a very credible buyer with roots in the cruise industry that stretch back in the late '80s. We are firmly convinced that with our knowledge and know-how of the ultra-luxury segment we could transform Crystal into a success story. The combination with Abercrombie & Kent could generate synergies that would facilitate the recovery and partially compensate for the deterioration of the brand exacerbated in the last few weeks."

Cristina Levis, chief investment officer of Heritage and former managing director of Silversea Expedition added "My love and passion for the Crystal brand and product goes back to the time when I was at the helm of Silversea Expeditions; I was telling my team to look to Crystal as an example of great brand like Silversea, to try and emulate and compete against. Crystal's ships have a soul which I sincerely hope won't be left to die, restoring trade's and passengers' trust won't be easy but if we are given the chance we will go the extra mile not to disappoint them."

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