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Former Crystal President Andersen's Interview With Seatrade Offers New Info

Credit Card are holding nearly 100 million in deposits.

During an interview with Seatrade Cruise News, former Crystal President Jack Andersen revealed that Michael Moecker & Associates had been approved to act as liquidators for the line by a Florida court.

According to Andersen, his Moecker now has control of what's left of Crystal's non-ship assets, its accounts, and records and will be collecting creditors' claims for payment. Those claims would include claims from passengers, travel advisors, vendors, shoreside employees, and crew.

Andersen also said that all three of the Crystal ships are on bareboat charters, and the banks that hold the mortgages have taken control of the ships. He went on to say that one set of banks appointed V.Ships Leisure as managers for Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity, both vessels that are anchored off Freeport, Bahamas and under control of the Admiralty Marshall after being seized by court order. The third ship the Endeavor, is currently in Uruguay.

A separate group of banks that hold the debt for the five river vessels have engaged River Advice to manage those. The river fleet had been in Linz, Austria, but it is believed that they have been moved to another location in recent days.

In a shocking revelation, Andersen revealed that once parent company Genting Hong Kong had decided to wind up the company with the court in Bermuda that his team only had one communication with his boss, Colin Au, deputy CEO, group president, and executive director of Genting HK, via conference call. Au, along with Chairman and CEO Tan Sri KT Lim, subsequently resigned.

Read the complete interview with Andersen by clicking here-

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