• Tom Drake

Florida's Governor wants to help the seaports.

Governor DeSantis is earmarking 260 million of stimulus money for Florida ports.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants the state to send part of the Federal Stimulus money the state is receiving to the Florida seaports affected by the pandemic. DeSantis said this past Tuesday, "One of the areas of Florida that's been hardest hit throughout the pandemic has been our seaports," DeSantis said on Tuesday. Under the Governor’s proposal 260 million dollars of the relief funds would be earmarked for the seaports.

DeSantis also said he thinks it is time for the CDC to let the cruise ships sail again. "We have

4.8% unemployment, our cruise ships are under a No Sail Order from the CDC. I think they should be able to sail and we want to see them sail," DeSantis said. With cruise ships idled since March 2020 due to the pandemic, Port Canaveral has lost 79 percent of its operating revenues, cut its workforce by

more than 43 percent, absorbed a $10 million year-over-year reduction in operating expenses and deferred more than $119 million in capital projects for two to five years.

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