• Tom Drake

Florida's Catch-22 Governor Remains Firm on No Vaccine Requirements for Cruise Ships.

DeSantis says businesses do not need to know your medical history.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis is standing firm on his ban on the use of vaccine passports in Florida. The Governor recently signed an executive order prohibiting any government office or private business from requiring vaccinations. On Fox News, Sunday Futures show, DeSantis told Maria Bartiromo that he supports the return of cruising. "I'm very supportive of getting our cruise lines back up and running. We think they should be able to sail. But we also don't think that they should be able to require your personal health information in that regard." He also told Bartiromo that the Florida legislature is at work on a bill that would back up his executive order.

Therefore, it seems to be a maritime catch 22. On the one hand the Governor is suing the CDC to get cruising restarted in Florida, but on the other hand, he would prohibit any cruise line sailing out of Florida from requiring vaccinations. That would include Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, which announced recently that they would require vaccinations as part of their comprehensive return to safe cruising.

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