• Tom Drake

Florida Governor Says He Delivered for the Cruise Industry

Ron says the CDC has been wrong all along.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says thanks to him, Florida has scored a major victory for the cruise industry against the CDC and what he said were obstructionist No Sail Orders that have flatlined Florida’s cruise industry for over a year.

Last Friday, Judge Steven Merryday concluded the CDC’s restrictions are likely unconstitutional and overstepping their legal authority, according to a statement from DeSantis.

Beginning July 18, the CDC’s orders will become mere “guidance,” and cruise ships should be able to operate. DeSantis told reporters, “The CDC has been wrong all along, and they knew it. The CDC and the Biden Administration concocted a plan to sink the cruise industry, hiding behind bureaucratic delays and lawsuits. Today, we are securing this victory for Florida families, for the cruise industry, and for every state that wants to preserve its rights in the face of unprecedented federal overreach.”

The Judge postponed his ruling until July 18 to allow the Government time to take further legal action.

While most major cruise lines, none of whom were party to this suit have released a statement concerning this decision, none of those statements included a Thank you to the Governor who continues to force the cruise lines to sail from Florida with unvaccinated guests.

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