• Tom Drake

Florida Attorney General Considering Suing the CDC

Legal action to force the CDC to provide some answers is being discussed.

At a roundtable discussion held Friday at Port Canaveral, Florida, attorney general Ashley Moody said the state is considering filing a lawsuit against the CDC if it does not rescind the conditional sale order. Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis has been very outspoken about the need to get the cruise industry started again and the many cruise ports in Florida open again.

Attorney general Moody said, "When you have a government that is working against the interests and vitality of its citizens it serves, that is a problem. And historically, you can see how that leads to the demise and destruction of those they are trying to govern," Moody said.

The Governor added “Is it OK for the government to just idle an industry for a year?” People

now need to decide for themselves what they are willing to risk.

DeSantis was not alone in making a case for restarting the cruise industry. Disney Cruise Line President Thomas Mazloum said, "Let's get people back to work. The health situation has changed, cruise lines are cruising very successfully outside the United States, proving that with the right protocols cruising is a very safe and beautiful experience."

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