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Expedia Says Don't Call Us If You Want to Go to Putinville

Booking Holdings, Google Travel, Airbnb, Tripadvisor, Viator, MakeMyTrip, and Wego still booking Russia.

Skift reports that Expedia has become the first travel supplier to say NYET to travel to Russia.

The Expedia Group said in a statement, “In response to recent acts and government-imposed sanctions weighed against Russia, we have ceased the sale of travel into and out of Russia. We are saddened by what continues to unfold in Ukraine and will continue to do what we can to support impacted travelers, partners, and our team members with families and friends in the affected areas.”

According to Skift, if you tried to book a vacation package from New York to Moscow, Russia on Tuesday, the destinations Moscow, Idaho, and Moscow, Pennsylvania, would have been as far as you could get.

Expedia reportedly does not do much business with Russia, and most sane people would probably choose Moscow, Idaho over Putinville, but it was a nice gesture, and so far, Expedia is alone in making that gesture.

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