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Don't Worry Man! Everyting Gonna Be Alright! Jamaica Lifts Covid Requirements

As of April 16th, pre-arrival testing is not necessary for international visitors.

When Edmund Bartlett, minister of tourism for Jamaica, announced the latest changes to the islands Covid requirements, he did not say, "Don't Worry, Man, Everyting Gonna Be Alright," but he was probably thinking it.

Bartlett said, "We're optimistic that these will serve to increase the appeal of Jamaica as a premier destination and keep us moving toward a stronger recovery for the tourism sector and our economy as a whole."

Before these changes, and officials had also eliminated travel-related quarantines and the Travel Authorization Form for entry. They also shortened the isolation period for U.S. travelers who tested positive for Covid while in Jamaica and did away with quarantine restrictions for vaccinated business travelers who presented a negative PCR test done within three days of arrival.

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