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Don't Look for a Sapphire This Summer in Los Angeles

Princess has canceled the summer season in the Mexican Riviera for the Sapphire Princess.

Princess Cruise has canceled the summer season for Sapphire Princess. The ship is reportedly anchored off the coast of Cyprus and was scheduled to begin sailing from Los Angeles to the Mexican Riviera on June 25.

In a statement, Princess said, "While we continue to work diligently in preparing the ship to set sail, there have been some delays that are affecting her timeframe for resuming guest operations."

According to, the 2,670-passenger ship is now scheduled to return to service on a 10-day Baja Peninsula and Sea of Cortez sailing, embarking in Los Angeles on September 24, 2022.

Passengers on the canceled seven- to 16-night sailings from Los Angeles are being offered incentives to rebook by May 31, 2022, on sailings embarking by the end of the year.

On their website, Princess informed booked guests that they may be able to recoup their other travel expenses, advising: "Most airlines and other travel-related services such as hotels, transportation, and tours are allowing refunds or waiving change fees due to COVID-19; guests should work directly with those operators regarding their charges."


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