• Tom Drake

Don't expect to cruise on UnCruise if you are unvaccinated.

The small ship line will now require guests to be vaccinated.

UnCruise Adventures has joined the growing list of cruise lines requiring a Covid-19 vaccination to sail on their ships. That decision was announced on their website by the owner Captain Dan Blanchard.

"My company has kept a close watch on COVID-19 vaccine production and distribution. We are excited about the

dramatic change in the availability of vaccines, thus the update to our COVID-19 policy. With current and forecast vaccine distribution levels expanding rapidly, we have made the decision to require all adult guests and crew to be fully vaccinated prior to boarding our vessels (Galapagos excluded). The safety of our guests and crew is paramount in providing a fun, adventuresome and memorable time for all.

At this time, a negative pre-cruise molecular test is required of all guests within the 4 days leading up to boarding the vessel. Our commitment to vaccines and pre-trip testing allows us to ensure maximum safety for all aboard."

More good news…with guests and crew vaccinated we are now free to make port call visits to Port Angeles, WA and the Alaska towns of Ketchikan and Sitka.

Team UnCruise will continue to monitor the vaccine roll out and its positive effect on COVID-19.

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