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Disney Won't Let Dad Gamble But They Will Give Kids All the Sugar They Can Handle

New Disney Wish will have an over the top ice cream and candy store.

Since the beginning, Disney Cruise Line has been all about families. Well, honestly all about the kids. Mom and Dad were just the people with the onboard account. Disney officials believed that a casino did not belong on their ships because that was not family-oriented. Ice cream and sweets loaded with sugar. Now those were family-oriented.

So on the new Disney Wish, they will have Inside Out: Joyful Sweets,

a dessert shop inspired by the Pixar film, Inside Out. The brightly colored shop is designed to resemble the control center inside 11-year-old Riley’s mind, where her emotions guide her through everyday life. It will feature sculpted figures of the film’s five main characters and glowing Memory Orb light fixtures. Inside, guests will find handmade gelato, ice cream, candy, and novelty treats for purchase.

According to the press release, the shop will offer nearly 40 gelato and ice cream flavors, with daily handcrafted gelato specials in “decadent combinations” like peanut butter pretzel and white chocolate raspberry.

Whipped cream, fruit compotes, and sauces will be freshly made in-house.

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